Baby Massage for Health and Happiness

6037baby_massageBecoming a mummy isn’t always easy. This can be even more daunting if you are an expat in a foreign country away from family and friends. Why not sign up to a baby massage course to relax yourself and your baby and make the bond between you even tighter?

Life outside the womb can be stressful to a new baby, lots of new sounds and senses to adapt to. They are also learning about relationships and what it means to be loved and feel secure. How they view this earliest period of their life will affect how they form future relationships. Parents naturally touch and caress their little ones, who in turn react positively to this nurturing touch. It is just as vital to their development as nutrition.

A trained baby massage instructor will guide you through a sequence of relaxing massage, where you the parent get to learn about positive touch and begin to learn to read the non-verbal cues of your baby. Before a baby learns to understand, they learn to feel, help them communicate in this non-verbal language. Once the course is finished you will have learned the skills to massage your baby at home anytime to continue with the wonderful benefits.

Many of these benefits have been documented. Baby massage not only enhances the child’s feeling of being loved and secure, but actually makes your loved one experience respect. It helps to strengthen and regulate the digestive, respiratory and circulatory system of the baby and by relieving symptoms of colic, gas and constipation, you will be happy to know that it provides deeper sleep.

A baby sleeping more soundly is a valuable thing for the parents, but this is not the only benefit baby massage offers to mummy and daddy. Parents develop confidence when handling their baby, they learn to read and respond to non-verbal cues and it allows a set time to relax with their baby in a whirl of nappy changes and feedings.

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