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September is a month of change. Returning to school in the autumn always felt like the marker of a new year in a way that January 1st never could. Even as adults it’s hard to shake the feeling that the end of August means new and exciting things are just around the corner.

We have a lot of changes here at FirstMed as well, starting with the very thing you are reading right now. We hope that this fresh version of our e-Newsletter, created by our new writer Ms. Anna Paksy, will prove to be an enjoyable read from which you may gain positive heath ideas for your own lifestyle. This month she has put together a handful of articles ranging from ‘Back to school’ tips for you and your family, to ‘staying hydrated’ through the food you eat, complete with a healthy version of a traditional Hungarian dinner table favorite.

Furthermore, we have finally concluded the contest to name our new bear mascot. Many great suggestions were sent in from all who helped out. Congratulations are in order for the winner of our grand prize, an ipod Nano, as well as the winners of several gift vouchers for other top name suggestions. Thank you all for your help and participation!

As of September 1, 2013, we would like to introduce FirstMed’s newest staff member, our official mascot: First Medve. We hope you have a chance to meet him soon at one of his many appearances around town.

Finally, founder and General Manager Dennis Diokno shares some of FirstMed’s history, leading up to the clinic’s fifteenth birthday. This coming February will be the 15th anniversary of the day FirstMed opened it’s doors in Budapest — that’s quite an accomplishment! Please join us over the next 5 months and enjoy the special offers and events we have put together for all of you as our way of saying ‘Thank You’ for your support.

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