Zsuzsa Horváth, FirstMed’s Laboratory Coordinator

ZsuzsannaHBy: Anna Paksy

Many people consider the laboratory to be a scary place with unfamiliar, complicated devices and mysterious processes. Though some may enter FirstMed’s laboratory timidly, by the time they emerge, they are smiling, relieved, and even grateful for the comforting environment of our lab. Our diagnostic staff makes it their purpose to find solutions to all sorts of medical questions and problems, always doing their best with unusual and special requests. For our patient’s convenience and ease of mind the “Qualicont” external controlling system contract ensures that our in-house machines provide reliable and accurate results while the billing system is compatible with most insurance companies’ requirements.

Zsuzsanna Horváth, our chief laboratory technician, has been with FirstMed from the very beginning, February 15th, 1999, always providing thorough and timely diagnostic results through the state-of-the-art equipment of our on-site lab and external consultants. Her wide range of responsibilities include operating and maintaining consistent and valid equipment, taking or receiving samples, as well as preparing and treating them. Routine laboratory tests like blood work, urinalysis, hormone levels, FLU/H1N1/Strep A testing are conducted in-house, under her watchful eye, and most general tests yield results within 3 days.

Through an extensive partner network, FirstMed can arrange virtually any kind of diagnostic procedures necessary for patients. In case of out-of-clinic diagnostics, our goal is to send out samples rather than patients, whenever this is possible, making the process less time consuming and more convenient. In these cases, Zsuzsa is responsible for scheduling outside appointments, and ensuring clear communication between outside facilities and patients’ doctors, which results in the swift delivery of results.

Working at FirstMed is a different experience than anywhere I have worked before. The equipment is not merely functional, but it is precise, modern, and comfortable, which is fortunate because I have great responsibilities here. It is also very convenient to have a direct connection to the doctors allowing for efficient and smooth communication of important information.

In certain cases, it can be quite challenging to figure out the appropriate responses to the unique diagnostic requests or questions of the physicians. Still, overcoming difficulties and finding solutions to these complexities is actually the favorite part of my job. Of course the excellent working conditions at our clinic and the pleasant colleagues also make this a great place to work. I really feel that my contribution is greatly valued here.

A former FirstMed manager once told me, “Arrive to work every morning, like it is your first day here.” I think about this useful suggestion often. Working here is really like that; every day poses new questions and challenges, so my job is never boring, and always keeps me on my toes. At the same time working here has provided me with the unique opportunity of interacting with our patients– something most laboratory technicians do not experience. Not only can I develop meaningful relationships with our returning patients, but knowing more about them equips me to better apply my medical understanding to their unique cases.

It is a most outstanding experience to look back on the 15 years I have spent at FirstMed, working hard and fighting alongside the leadership and the staff for the development and continuous improvement of such a high quality clinic. Satisfactory feedback from our patients always brings me great joy and encouragement, that the unique character of FirstMed’s caring work ethic is relevant and important to our clients as well.

Generally, when people think of FirstMed they remember our doctors, who observe and question patients to find out how best to help them. Little thought is given to the diagnostic side of our clinic, whose contributions provide vital assistance to the medical staff in their diagnoses. Without competent lab supplies and attentive technicians to analyze samples, doctors would suffer a huge loss of information. The laboratory is the backbone of any medical clinic, and under the attentive eye and direction of technician Zsuzsanna Horvath, the contributions of FirstMed’s in-house diagnostics have certainly been one of the reasons we have made it to 15 years of service.

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