Dr. Zoltán Detre: President of HTS


Newsletter - Mar14 DetreFirstMed is proud to announce that one of our orthopedic traumatologist specialists, Dr. Zoltán Detre has officially become the president of the prestigious Hungarian Society of Traumatology (Magyar Traumatológus Társaság). After serving as the President Elect for two years, he now presides over the 1000-member society.

Dr. Detre, who is also the head of the Department of Traumatology and Hand Surgery (Buda Trauma Center) at St. János Hospital and is a member of the advisory body to the Ministry of Health (College of Traumatology), has been working with FirstMed ever since the very beginning fifteen years ago.

‘FirstMed has always struck me as a significantly more elegant, sophisticated environment than the general Hungarian hospitals, with a truly unique patient-centered approach, comprised of responsible and careful patient care, and all-round medical consideration. Furthermore, I greatly enjoy the ever changing variety introduced by our international clients on a daily basis.

Alongside the challenges of providing care, we ourselves are constantly challenged to learn about other cultures, customs, and history. I recall working with several patients who have been an honor to treat. Still, fellow doctors and staff members have created a unified team, and working alongside them feels easy and pleasant. The clinic has been improving constantly, in terms of both technology and services provided, still the comforting but professional air of our clinic has been stable and unchanging throughout the years.’ – Dr. Detre

Dr. Detre is a highly valued member of the FirstMed team, with a pleasant demeanor and outstanding, precise medical skill.

Congratulations to Dr. Detre for his inauguration as President of the Hungarian Traumatology Society.

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