April newsletter

April Newsletter

Winter was over in the blink of the eye. In the 10+ years I have lived in Budapest I have never experienced such an mild winter. Please don’t take this as a complaint, though I would have enjoyed playing in a bit of snow, I would not trade it for my past home, Chicago, this winter; the great lakes probably still are frozen. Now we head into spring with birds chirping in the already budding trees. We hope you enjoy the April edition of our newsletter

Spring is time of revival, a time of change, a time when everything becomes new again. For FirstMed it also means new changes. Although not as encompassing as our Hattyúház location, in our newly opened Hűvösvölgy clinic (1022 Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 181), our family practitioner, gynecologist, pediatrician and physical therapist, are all on hand to take care of most of your urgent medical needs. Please feel free to stop by and take a look around even if you aren’t in need of doctor.

We have also made a few changes here with our newsletter as well. Now that Anna has moved on inside of FirstMed, Andrea Zs.Tóth will be putting together the month newsletter you are currently reading. Of course if you have any ideas for stories you would like us to cover please drop her a message to our Newsletter@firstmedcenter.com email address; we’d love to get some feedback from you.

Finally in this month’s issue you can read about the annual menace poking its head out now with the warmer temps…ticks; you’ll find out why Dr. Luczay was voted ‘Hungary’s Favorite Doctor’ for 2013 by a popular web site; discover a great way to enjoy Ransoms, or Medvehagyma, with this delicious spaghetti recipe – really easy and quite tasty as I have made it myself; and look into one of the most common female endocrine disorders – PCOS.

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