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Newsletter - Apr 15 - 1 percentSince 1996 taxpayers in Hungary have had the opportunity to allocate 1% of their paid taxes to non-profit organizations and another 1% to select religious institutions. The government raises awareness of the importance of helping others and supporting charitable organizations. Over half a million taxpayers in Hungary may potentially generate about six billion forints for charitable organizations; that’s a pretty significant sum. There are over 25 000 civil groups are “competing” for some of this amount.

How can we choose?

The choice is relatively easy. It is enough to click this link and choose one from the downloadable document that you prefer. If you would like to be better informed about their activities before making a decision, most of these organizations have websites, or even facebook pages. The most popular organizations are those that help or rescue children, animals, the elderly or disabled people, but you can find plenty that are engaged in environmental problems, sports or cultural activities, etc.

When it comes to the second 1% of our paid tax, it will very likely be our religious affiliation which motivates the selection. Currently we may only choose from approximately 30 historical churches, that are recognized by law, for this second 1% tax donation. The amount received is not only important for the amount contributed to the institution, but it also determines the scale the government will support them during the upcoming year. The more 1% contributions made towards the institution, the more the state will support them directly.

Those who do not have any religious devotions can choose by the charitable activities undertaken by churches. Many of them support kindergartens, schools or hospitals, which we could indirectly support, by helping the church.

How to submit a declaration?

First of all, obtain the appropriate form (Rendelkező Nyilatkozat a Befizetett Adó Egy Százalékáról) from the internet, or from your employer. Fill it in with the name and tax number of the chosen organization, place it in an envelope with your name, address, signature and tax number on it, then, in case you wish to submit it personally, send it to your local tax office or to the NAV address at the bottom of this link by May 20. If you wish to bestow this task on your employer, give the envelope to the HR manager before May 10.

Of course it is not compulsory to submit a declaration, and it is not the only way you can help a charity or a church. Individuals and companies, can donate any amount of money to them.

FirstMed helps with donations to the below charities on a regular basis

Csodalámpa – Magic Lamp | Tax number: 18248670-1-43

The ‘Wish Fulfilling’ Foundation grants ‘wishes’ to children suffering from life-threatening illness, whose families are struggling from economic hardships. By granting ‘wishes’, Csodalámpa helps make the life for these children a little brighter, putting their illness behind them if only for a few hours or days.

United Way Hungary | Tax number: 18093951-1-42

Envisioning a world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through access to education, income stability, and healthy lifestyles. United Way Hungary focuses on the most pressing educational, financial, and health problems, striving for positive changes to solve current problems through a wide-ranging cooperation across society.

Bátor Tábor – Brave Camp | Tax number: 18107913-1-41

Bátor Tábor, a member of the international camp association set up by Paul Newman, treats children with chronic illnesses with therapeutic recreation. Supporters help provide children with serious illness a chance to discover their own possibilities (instead of their limits), and increase their confidence and self-esteem by attending ‘Family’ and ‘Sibling’ Camps free of charge.

LÁSS (Sports and Leisure Association for the Visually Impaired) | Tax number: 18125232-1-43

LÁSS aims to motivate sighted and non-sighted people to be physically active by joining their inclusive sport activities. LASS has nearly one hundred members and even more supporters, believing that sport has the power to bridge gaps between disabled and non-disabled people.

You Can Recover – Colorectal Cancer Support  | Tax number: 18259632-1-42

In August of 2008, just a few days after getting married and running a Husbands’ golf tournament, professional golfer, Zsolt Fehér, lost his mother to colorectal cancer. Zsolt decided to continue the annual tournament, turning it into a charity event, with proceeds donated to the “You Can Recover” Association helping people with colorectal cancer.

The Zoo Foundation | Tax number: 18008481-2-42

The foundation has been helping the Budapest Zoo since 1992 with everything which helps the well-being of the animals living there, which facilitates the visitors having a great time and learning as much about our environment and the need to preserve it as possible. Our supporters provide the means to achieve those goals

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