Kate Megee – A coach for a healthy life

What is a Health Coach and what is your approach to a healthy life?  

As a Health Coach I work one on Newsletter - Dec15 - KateMcGeeone with clients to create effective and nourishing new habits that support their well-being, health and happiness. So often in today’s society our health takes a back seat to so many other aspects of our lives and it’s not until we start to feel sick, overweight or constantly tired that we realize how important our health really is. With great health we can live our lives the way we want to. We can start to heal from the inside out, lose weight, have more energy and have more days free from illness and pain.

My motto is Eat. Move. Heal. Thrive. Each one of us is individual and there is no one-way of eating that fits all of us. With so much conflicting health information out there on the web it can be overwhelming and confusing for people when they are looking to make healthy changes in their lives. I help clients understand how food is medicine and to discover what works for them and what doesn’t. We tailor a personalized eating plan to help them get well, lose weight, support their immune system, feel more energized, create better mood and experience many other amazing health benefits.

It is not only food that nourishes us, so as a Health Coach I work with my clients to bring health and balance to all areas of their lives. I help them understand how imbalance in one aspect of their life can be a contributing factor to the symptoms of ill health, weight gain and fatigue they are experiencing. I then guide them to make the necessary exercise and lifestyle changes to further improve their health.

The coaching process is a supportive, motivating and inspirational space for people to take their health into their own hands and to begin learning how to live a healthy lifestyle that allows them to have not only great health but to enjoy the things they love as well.

How can a Health Coach help our patients here at FirstMed?

Chronic diseases are the epidemic of our generation and people desperately need nutrition and lifestyle guidance to find their way back to health. Combine this with accountability, support and motivation and you are on your way to health and healing.

When a patient receives a diagnosis or treatment plan from their doctor, a Health Coach acts as the missing link between the doctor’s office and the patient’s real life. We support the patient by helping them put their doctors recommendations into action. Often doctors don’t have enough time to sit with their patients to outline a detailed nutrition and exercise program that will support their healing. This is where the Health Coach is so vital.

Often there are specific dietary and lifestyle changes that will greatly improve a patient’s treatment. We support doctors by creating step-by-step, clear and usable guidelines for their patients to help improve their day-to-day health.

This includes helping them begin eating foods that support the natural healing abilities of the body, boost their immune system, reduce inflammation, developing exercise programs, reducing stress and if required, help them start losing weight.

What are the coaching programs that you offer?

As a Health Coach, I offer clients my experience, knowledge, guidance and inspiration to help them transform their current behaviors into healthier habits. We work together to understand the obstacles and barriers that are holding them back and create an effective and action focused plan to help them move forward.

From experience, I know how challenging it can be to find the perfect balance between work, career, family and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and given this I have 2 coaching programs to choose from.

The first is a 3-month Kick Starter program.  This program gives patients a taste of the coaching process and will help them begin to make positive changes in their life and health. They will begin to feel more energised, focused, happy and healthy.

The second is my 6-month Total Transformation program. This is my full coaching program where patient’s will experience a great shift in all areas of their life and create strong habits that support the health and healing of their body and develop lasting lifestyle changes to help them continue living a truly healthy life.

All programs come with a complimentary initial consultation where we discuss the patients health concerns, goals, current diet and lifestyle. We can also talk about the program in more detail and find the best solution for them.

What can patients expect from your program and what results will they see?  

I work with my clients to define their health and personal goals and establish an effective action plan to help them on their path to health. We will meet once every 2 weeks for one hour and discuss the progress made between sessions and set goals and achievable action steps for the next session.

I really believe in making things easy for my clients so I will never ask them to make a huge overhaul of their lives over night. That sort of approach is just not sustainable. I want my clients to learn to listen to their bodies, understand their cravings, feel the effects of making healthier choices and slowly but surely add in new habits, layer upon layer, taking the time to try them out and integrate them into their life properly before moving onto the next step.  This way we achieve a much higher success rate and it is far more likely that the client will create a healthy lifestyle that they can enjoy for the rest of their life rather than a certain way of living until they feel better.

Let’s face it, feeling sick, overweight and unhealthy is not how we want to spend our days, so learning new techniques and making them part of our life gives us the best chance to be happy and healthy for a long time.


How can patients find out more?

At anytime they can go to my website for more information about my programs, to find healthy recipes, motivation and inspiration: www.katemegee.com.

If they would like to talk to me more in person or would like to set up a time for their complimentary initial consultation they can email me at kate@katemegee.com.

If they would like to read more about what a Health Coach is there is a great article here.