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Check Your Spots – Take Our Test

Though statistics vary nation-by-nation, skin cancer and melanoma are among the most common types of the more than 200 types of cancer, which have been identified so far. Take our test to find out if any of your moles might be malignant.

Melanoma is a malignant tumor of melanocytes, the cells that produce the dark pigment, melanin, which is responsible for the color of skin. Melanoma could look very similar to a benign birthmark, so it may be possible that one could have a cancerous mole and not know about it. Take our test as a tool designed to help you find that out. Add up the points next to the answers and check the final result against the three categories. We ask you that regardless of the result see your GP immediately, if you find any abnormalities on your skin.

1. Do you have a combination of fair skin, blue eyes and fair hair?

  • Yes (2 points)
  • No (1 point)

2. Approximately how many moles do you have?

  • I have more than 20 (2 points)
  • I have between 10 and 20 (1 point)
  • I have just a few or no moles (0 points)

3. Have you ever been severely sun burnt, with blistering and pain afterwards?

  • Yes (2 points)
  • No, not severely, or never (0 points)

4. Has a close family member ever had a cancerous mole?

  • Yes (1 point)
  • Not that I know of (0 points)

5. Do you have a mole with any of the following characteristics?

  • Larger than 4mm diameter or has got bigger (8 points)
  • Changed colour, developed different colours or got darker (8 points)
  • Changed shape or become irregular around the border (8 points)
  • Has risen above the skin surface (8 points)
  • No (0 points)

6. Does your mole bleed, itch, scale or ulcer?

  • Yes, I have two or more of these signs (8 points)
  • Yes, I have one of these signs (3 points)
  • No, I don´t have any of these signs (0 points)

7. Do you have any large, irregular (atypical) moles?

  • Yes, I have 6 or more large irregular moles (3 points)
  • Yes, I have 1 to 5 moles (2 points)
  • No, I have no large irregular moles (0 points)

8. How often do you use sunbeds?

  • Often, at least once a week (4 points)
  • Sometimes, around once or twice a month (2 points)
  • Every 2-3 months (2 points)
  • Rarely, less than once every six months (1 point)
  • Never, but I have in the past (0 points)
  • Never (0 points)


  • 0-8 points

Based on your responses, it is unlikely that you have a cancerous mole.

  • 8-12 points

Based on your responses today you should have your moles checked by your GP or health professional.

  • 12 points or more

Based on your responses today you have a mole that needs to be checked by a GP or health professional, who will give you a proper examination and diagnosis. The fact that your score is high does not necessarily mean that you have a nasty mole, merely that the mole should be examined.

Please remember, the earlier a possible cancerous mole is checked, the easier it is to treat so see your GP as soon as possible. Skin cancer is becoming more common, which is why it´s important to be aware of your skin and regularly check your moles, both old and new.

When checking your skin you should use the easy-to remember mnemonic ABCDE, which helps to identify early signs of melanoma.

Borders (irregular)
Color (variegated)
Diameter (greater than 6 mm or 0.24 in)
Evolving over time

These classifications do not however apply to the most dangerous form of melanoma nodular melanoma which has its own classifications (EFG)

Elevated above the skin surface
Firm to the touch

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