New US-Board Certified Pediatrician at FirstMed Budapest

FirstMed is thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Judit Aranyos, a US qualified pediatrician to the Budapest clinic team. She has over 13 years of experience providing medical care for children from birth through adolescence. Before joining FirstMed in Hungary, Judit worked in the United States at Washington Pediatrics in Washington, NC.

As a primary care provider, she is skilled in evaluating symptoms and simplifying complex terminology to communicate treatment options to caregivers. In addition to helping children manage chronic medical conditions like ADHD and asthma, she cooperated with their parents on preventive health practices and vaccine management.

When it comes to preventive health measures and continuous guidance for cultivating optimal child development, Judit takes a holistic approach that encompasses physical, mental and spiritual aspects of healing—she is also a lifelong learner of the latest healthcare innovations.

Dr. Judit Aranyos received her medical degree from the University of Pécs, then moved to the United States and was granted a license and board certification in pediatrics in 2008.

In her free time, she likes playing basketball and enjoys open water rowing.

A recent review confirms that Dr. Judit Aranyos is an exceptional addition to our English-speaking medical team:

“Dr Judit Aranyos was very kind, informative, and helpful. She was very gentle with our child during the examination. Dr Aranyos also explained our child’s condition in great detail and helped us understand the different courses of action. We have been with FirstMed for years and we’ve had some excellent doctors before, but I have to say that Dr Aranyos is the best one we’ve had so far.” (Greg A.)

We are happy to work with her!

If you want to know more about Judit, or need more information about how she can help your child—please don’t hesitate to contact us.