150 000 patient visits  –  English speaking staff  –  US board certified doctors  –  Professional environment  –  Patient centered customer service …

  • 14 yrs in business

FirstMed opened in Budapest, Hungary in February of 1999 and has become a leading provider of private family practice and urgent care medical services in Budapest. FirstMed has since been serving many individuals, families, companies, embassies and non-profit organizations.

  • 150 000 patient visits

During the past 14 years FirstMed carried out more than 150 000  patient visits and received numerous positive feedbacks along the way.

  • English speaking, internationally qualified staff

At FirstMed every employee and partner provider speaks English and is expected to have qualifictaions and professional experience that meets or exceeds the standards of FirstMed and their clients. We also pride ourselves on employing a number of our doctors with American Board Certification.

  • Professional environment

FirstMed has been located in Hattyúház on Széna tér ever since it opened its doors to its first patients back in 1999. Now we operate on more than a 1000 m2, on the 5th floor of this illustrious building, using state-of-the-art equipments on both medical and the administrative side to make the process of each patient visit as smooth and high in quality as possible.

  • Customer service

Our employees are not only highly qualified and multilingual, but also carry the culture of quality customer service. At FirstMed we understand that this aspect of medical service is of utmost importance, therefore we also hold regular trainings for our employees in order to maintain the level of quality customer service.

  • Positive, patient-centered attitude

Our doctors understand that it is important that they make their patients understand their medical problems and involve them in the decision process as much as possible. It is crucial that patients feel that they are treated as equals during the interaction, and their opinions and preferences are considered by the medical professionals.