Health Maintenance Exam

FirstMed's annual health maintenance exam is the perfect way to stay healthy and help prevent medical problems. Many diseases that may carry significant risks are easily treated if caught and addressed in their early stages.

Why do you need a health maintenance exam?

Regular health check-ups are crucial to detect potential health problems early. Many diseases can be treated easily if detected at an early stage. High blood pressure, high blood sugar, and cholesterol levels often show no symptoms until they cause a serious health problem.

Have screening tests already in your 20s, which may detect common and potentially severe diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases, cancers, diabetes, and heart disease early, before symptoms arise.

Our doctor can help you develop preventive measures to stay healthier in later years with information from screening tests. Schedule your check-up today!

This complex medical check-up includes:

Thorough health assessment:

  • Your medical history, family history, allergies, drug reactions, and immunizations (vaccinations);
  • Any complaints or symptoms you may currently be experiencing;
  • Regularly taken medicines and supplements;
  • Lifestyle activities and health topics like weight control and exercise.

Detailed physical examination, including:

  • Height, weight, and body temperature measurement
  • Blood pressure and pulse measurement
  • Eyes, eyesight check
  • Ears, mouth, neck, and skin, heart and vessels, lungs and breasts; abdomen and back; extremities and musculoskeletal, urogenital parts; nervous system

Preventive lab tests and their evaluation:

  • Complete blood count
  • Kidney and liver profile
  • Urine analysis
  • Fasting blood sugar*
  • Fasting lipid profile*
  • Calcium and vitamin D level
  • Thyroid function
  • Resting EKG (electrocardiogram) or screening chest x-ray**
  • PSA test (for men over 40)

*The health maintenance exam always includes fasting blood tests. Please ask for an early appointment.

**Based on the information gained in your consultation, your doctor may recommend additional tests, such as X-rays, ECG, and/or vaccination. The additional services not expressly listed above are billed at an additional fee. Our staff is happy to inform you about the prices.

Your specialists:

Dr. Buda Gógl

Internist / Family Practitioner

Dr. Ágnes Bognár

General Practitioner

Dr. Ágnes Bognár is a General Practitioner at FirstMed Budapest, with an emphasis on holistic care.

Dr. Tünde Györgyi

Medical Director, Internist

Dr. Marianna Hegyi

Chief Medical Officer / Internist / Family Practitioner

Dr. Rezső Zoller

Family Practitioner

Dr. Andrea Ludányi

Internist, Family Practitioner Occupational Health Specialist

Dr. Zoltán Gyulai

Internist / Family Practitioner

Dr. Ágnes Hegedűs

Diabetologist, Internist, Travel Medicine Specialist

Dr. Favila Escobio

Family Practitioner

The screening package total price: HUF 159,900

Discounted price: HUF 103,935 – Paid in advance through our webshop with 35% off.