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Healthcare Plans

Manage your family’s healthcare needs affordably and conveniently with FirstMed’s Plans and Passes, which provide comprehensive coverage at an annual fee.
Manage your family’s healthcare needs affordably and conveniently with FirstMed’s Plans and Passes, which provide comprehensive coverage at an annual fee.

Annual plans for adults

Value Card for Adults

Get More for Less

FirstMed’s Value Card is perfect solution for adults or youth without private insurance or with high deductibles or co-pays.

Unlock access to a range of exceptional healthcare services with English speaking staff at favorable prices. 

Benefit of a wide range of medical treatments at reduced prices for an annual fee.

Premium plan for adults

Customized Care for the Whole Family

Choose the Premium Plan for convenient healthcare coverage. The Plan includes:

  • 20 primary care visits,
  • 8 visits with selected specialists,
  • on-site diagnostics,
  • preventative exams,
  • and more.

All provided by highly-skilled, English-speaking doctors.

Elite Plan for Adults

Comprehensive Care for Unique Health Needs

Should you have ongoing health concerns or require frequent medical attention, our Elite Plan is a perfect solution: 

  • unlimited in-house general and specialist visits,
  • preventative checks,
  • on-site diagnostics,
  • mental health consultations,
  • physical therapy and other services.

Discover the Elite Plan difference today!

Annual plans for children

Value Card for Children

Affordable Healthcare for Your Kids

Access to excellent pediatric care from trained, compassionate doctors at a reduced prices for a low annual fee. 

FirstMed’s Value Card delivers high-level medical services to your children, such as:

  • pediatric visits,
  • specialist consultations,
  • in-house laboratory and diagnostic tests,
  • and many more.

Premium Plan for Children

Ultimate Pediatric Care

Secure top-tier, English-speaking healthcare for your child for an affordable annual fee, during your long-term stay in Budapest:

  • 2 pediatrician visits per month and 2 related follow-up visits,
  • preventive checks,
  • 1 specialist visit per year,
  • vaccinations,
  • and further benefits.

Elite Plan for Children

Invest in Your Child’s Health

Get comprehensive medical care for your child while staying in Budapest for a longer period. 

Rest easy with

  • unlimited pediatrician visits,
  • preventive checks,
  • in-house specialists visits, 
  • and various other medical services tailored to your child’s unique needs.

Prenatal and Newborn Plans

Your Baby’s Health Matters: FirstMed’s Prenatal & Newborn Plans for Expecting Expats in Budapest

Prenatal Plan

Your Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy

Our Prenatal Plan provides unparalleled maternity care, perfect for expecting foreign mothers in Budapest.

Benefit of carefully selected visits, comprehensive physical examinations, essential laboratory tests, and ultrasounds, all designed to support you from conception to birth.

Trust FirstMed for a healthy, happy pregnancy.

First Year Plan

A Lively Start for Your Newborn

Ensure your newborn’s optimal growth and development with FirstMed’s First Year Plan.

Further to essential routine visits, the Plan includes vaccinations, pediatric consultations, and additional tests.

While aligning with Hungarian health standards, this plan lays a strong foundation for your baby’s lifelong health and happiness.