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General Practice (GP)

General Practice provides comprehensive care with English-speaking doctors. Health check-ups, chronic disease management available 7 days a week in-person or via telemedicine. Your health is our priority.

General Practice – Comprehensive Care

At FirstMed, our General Practice is the cornerstone of your and your family’s health. From young adults to older people, our dedicated, English-speaking general practitioners (GPs) provide personalized, continuous care. They take a holistic approach to your well-being and understand your unique health needs and concerns. 

The GPs are the first point of contact for our adult patients in our clinic’s healthcare system. They are dedicated to supporting you and your family in the prevention, detection, and treatment of health issues.

Diagnosis, health management, and referrals

Our GPs are experts in diagnosis and provide tailored treatment plans for acute infections and chronic diseases. This ensures that you receive the care you need when you need it, building confidence in our healthcare providers.

Their commitment extends to:

Some of our doctors also provide occupational health examinations and travel consultations.

Health and wellness check-ups

As part of our general care and family medicine practice, we offer complex health promotion screening, carefully designed to keep you one step ahead of diseases. It is recommended that you have an annual check-up to ensure timely detection and reduction of health risk factors.

Our preventive Health Maintenance Exam incorporates thorough assessments, such as:

  • family and medical history review,
  • detailed physical examination, and
  • preventive lab tests,

which aims to catch and address health issues early on.

This proactive approach encompasses important check-ups, such as

  • blood pressure and cholesterol management,
  • screenings for diabetes and heart disease,
  • and other important, specific screening tests, such as prostate and colon cancer screening as well as melanoma skin check, 

all tailored to detect potential risks before they manifest into serious health concerns.

General Practitioners (GPs)

Dr. Buda Gógl

Internist / Family Practitioner

Dr. Ágnes Bognár

General Practitioner

Dr. Tünde Györgyi

Medical Director, Internist

Dr. Marianna Hegyi

Chief Medical Officer / Internist / Family Practitioner

Dr. Rezső Zoller

Family Practitioner

Dr. Andrea Ludányi

Internist, Family Practitioner Occupational Health Specialist

Dr. Zoltán Gyulai

Internist / Family Practitioner

Dr. Ágnes Hegedűs

Diabetologist, Internist, Travel Medicine Specialist

Dr. Favila Escobio

Family Practitioner

Secure Your Health's Future Now

With FirstMed’s General Practice, rest assured that your health is in capable hands, from preventive care to managing complex health conditions. Our GPs are not just doctors; they are your partners in health, dedicated to nurturing a healthier, happier you and your family.

Available When and Where Needed

Health concerns don’t take days off, and neither do we. Our General Practitioners are available seven days a week during regular hours because we believe in providing care that fits your schedule, not the other way round. 

After-hours urgency care

At FirstMed, our priority is your well-being. You can trust our prompt and professional after-hours medical care for sudden health issues that just can’t wait. Whether you or your loved ones need urgent attention outside of our regular hours, you will get the care and urgency you deserve. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for the medical attention you need when you need it.

Telemedicine: care at your fingertips

Sometimes, getting to the clinic isn’t feasible. That’s why we offer Telemedicine appointments, allowing you to consult our healthcare professionals from the comfort of your own home or around the worldWhether you’re managing a chronic condition or seeking advice on a new health concern, you can access to FirstMed’s trusted care wherever you are.

Connect With Us for Care That Cares

At FirstMed, your health is paramount. Whether it’s a regular check-up, an unexpected health query, or a follow-up consultation, we’re committed to providing continuous, comprehensive care tailored just for you. Book your in-person or telemedicine appointment today and experience healthcare that truly meets your needs.