Clinic Hours

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
24-hour ‘on-call’ service

Colorectal Cancer Screenings

Recommended for anyone over 45 years old to detect gastrointestinal and colorectal polyps before they turn into cancer.

COVID-19 Testing

We offer PCR Testing, Antigen and Antibody Testing with test results in English or Hungarian.

Why FirstMed?

Scheduled Appointments

Call us on +36-1-224-9090 to make an appointment. We receive calls 24/7.

Modern Facilities

With over 1,250 sqm of space in the Hattyúház building, close to Széll Kálmán tér, the clinic has 16 exam rooms, a laboratory, x-ray, mammography, and an endoscopy center.

English-Speaking Staff

The FirstMed team has become the leading provider of private English-speaking family practice, women’s health, pediatric, and specialist medical services in Budapest.

Child-Friendly Clinic

Skilled pediatricians diagnose and treat children’s general illnesses and concerns. They also provide useful preventative care advice.

Medical Insurance

Established relationships with over 120 private insurance providers allow us to facilitate medical claims in a convenient and timely manner.

Emergency Care

FirstMed’s doctors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. After our clinic hours, our on-call doctors can take care of your urgent medical needs.

About FirstMed

Since opening in 1999, FirstMed has become the leading provider of private English-speaking family practice, women’s health, pediatric, and specialist medical services in Budapest.


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Medical Professionals




Square Meter Facility

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Judge us by our clients’ opinions

As an American I was definitely nervous when realized I had to go to a clinic in a foreign country. But the care I received exceeded my expectations more than you can imagine. The doctors and staff were extremely knowledgeable, caring and helpful. Also, everyone spoke English. Lastly, the cost of care was very affordable! Thanks again to all who are a part of the FirstMed Team 🙂

Eric M.

I have always been satisfied with the services offered by FirstMed. Doctors and staff are competent, friendly and customer-oriented. Prices are fair and the cooperation with my health insurance company has always been smooth… I do recommend FirstMed’s services to every expat family in Budapest.

P. Gericke

As a first time mum, I did not know what to expect, and FirstMed was able to guide me though the medical prenatal issues and also the softer non-medical issues such as hospital tours, my new lifestyle requirements, emotional support and useful books and videos to help prepare both me and my husband for the birth.

Jenny and John M.

I originally use the FirstMed clinic in Rome however recently during a prolonged stay in Budapest for my partners work I also visited the FirstMed clinic here. I was very happy with the service and the amazing staff. And I will continue to use FirstMed whilst visiting both countries.

Oliver G.

Due to anemia, I visited the clinic for a gastroenterology examination (stomach + colonoscopy). My fears about the examination were quickly dispelled by the kind attitude and the information I received about the importance of the examination. The bottom line: it doesn’t hurt, it’s not unpleasant, after the examination I received clear, partial information about the intervention and further therapeutic options.
Thank you FirstMed 🙂

Zoltán B.

Had a great experience seeing a doctor here at short notice. She was thorough and completed an examination before providing a prescription and advice. Reception was wonderful and accommodating also. Recommended for any traveller.

Cath N.

I want to say that the organization worked with the efficiency of a Swiss watch. I came in for my visa physical and I was nervous. The doctor was great!! She made me feel relaxed and comfortable. All of the tests and technicians were quick and efficient. I was in and out without wasting time, going from one person to the next. I greatly appreciated this service and will definitely tell my friends.

Ryan J.

The best thing for me was that FirstMed have direct contact with my private medical insurance so I didn’t have to pay anything and they sorted it out themselves after I showed them my insurance card. The doctor was very nice and professional – asked questions and I felt like I was listened to when I was answering them. The waiting times are also very short.


I was here for my medical examination needed for a driving license. I got an appointment very quickly, and we went through the compulsory examinations very efficiently so I gained a lot of time.

Anikó I.

Very helpful staff members, a well-appointed facility in a good location, English-speaking doctors, and great pricing make this place an easy choice above all others. I can do nothing but recommend them wholeheartedly!

Peter S.

FirstMed makes medical appointments a pleasure! The staff are friendly, professional and very thorough. Questions are welcomed and I never feel rushed. The rooms and waiting room are clean, modern and comfortable. Every visit is a very positive experience!

Janice B

One of the best decisions of my life was to join FirstMed on the recommendation of my girlfriend. I get exactly what I’ve always wanted. Professional, polite, kind care. I’m not sick, (usually) but it feels good to have a sure background behind me.

Marianna G.

I want to thank every doctor, nurse and receptionist for treating me kindly and going out of their way to make the four visits pleasant. I was in terrible pain and really appreciate the outstanding service in a foreign country. I HIGHLY recommend everyone there.

Lisa Rinaldi

I had a wonderful experience at FirstMed. While I was traveling Budapest, I needed medical help. When I contacted them, everyone at the clinic spoke English perfectly. I was able to make an appointment fast and they had been very helpful. Thanks guys!

Mai-Brit T.

Unfortunately, we are leaving Budapest at the end of this month (July) as I am retiring back to the UK after four and a half very happy years in Budapest. One reason that we enjoyed ourselves so much here was that we knew we would receive first class medical treatment if we needed it. We have both been very happy with the treatment received from FirstMed and, as you know, a number of Britannica families use your services, including staff. I have recommended you to Mr. Richard Vaughan, the new Principal! Once again, many thanks for all your help and assistance over the past four years.

Ken Baines

Recently while in Budapest my wife developed an abscess. The evening of the 28th of December I called FirstMed and made an appointment for my wife at 9 am the following morning. The quality of service at the front counter and the quality of the care by the nurse and doctors was absolutely amazing. Within a few hours a surgeon was on site and my wife’s condition was being addressed. The following two mornings we returned as arranged to have the wound checked and the dressings changed. Again, the care and consideration of the doctor and staff were exceptional. Please express our sincere appreciation to those on duty on the 29th, 30th and 31st of December. We operate a couple of tourist apartments in Budapest and it will our pleasure to recommend to all of our guests FirstMed if they should have the need for medical care.

James Davis

Dr. Detra] I was the 21-year-old Hong Kong young man who had visit First Med for a small surgery on my leg due to the pus. I have kept visiting clinic for cleaning the wound in Poland and Czech after travelling to there. Now I am back to Hong Kong and I would like to Thank You again for the surgery and curing my wound. This journey was very impressive to me since I had the chance to experience the good medical service in Budapest. My wound is in good progress and I will keep visiting doctor in Hong Kong 🙂 I wish there is a chance we can meet again in the future, in Budapest or Hong Kong or somewhere else ! Thank you!

Cheuky Lai

This was my first experience visiting a medical center while on vacation outside the U.S. I was a little nervous because my condition was fairly serious. The doctor and nurse were very knowledgeable and made me comfortable throughout my visit. I left feeling reassured and with the answers I needed. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone visiting Budapest and appreciate the care I received from Dr. Agnes Hegedus.

Kelly A.

FirstMed was there when I needed them; I called at 8:30 p.m. and was easily able to schedule an appointment for 9 a.m. the next day. Everyone in the office was so nice, and I was out the door with a prescription within a half hour. It was also very easy to get to their office from the metro. I can’t recommend them enough!

Beth S.

I had reason to visit FirstMed for the first time recently. Like most people I am not so keen on having a medical check up. But from the minute I made the initial call the whole process was plain sailing. I got a text reminder of my appointment. A simple check in on the day itself. A sympathetic and professional consultation. And most importantly a solution. The place is spotless and the staff very friendly. Of course I hope not to see them again for some time. But If I do, I will visit FirstMed with confidence.

Patrick M.

I have used the facilities three times up to date, and I was satisfied with the care provided. Lab results took a day to receive, appointments were within a few days from the request, nurses and doctors were nice and professional and went the extra mile to ensure I was thoroughly examined. No lines, no waiting, polite staff.

Fatime T.

I called FirstMed reception for the very first time in my life in a sort of panic. It was on a Saturday. I have received an appointment and was seen within 2 hours from this phone call. Arriving to the clinic in a very nervous state l have received kind, patient, helpful and absolutely professional, informative service from all of the staff l have met there. From reception through assistance to Dr Panczel all of the professionals working there were honestly exceeding my expectations and previous experience in other similar places. I have been to many private medical health institutions or providers. Never had an overall pleasant experience and l truly recommend FirstMed Hattyuhaz to anyone.

Katalin S.

We are very grateful for the the care and professionalism demonstrated by everyone we encountered at First Med. We had a small but potentially quite serious health emergency that felt very big. From the moment we called First Med to inquire about an emergency lab test and learned that they could see us immediately, we knew we were in excellent hands. Thank you very much.

Ann G.