Annamaria Wilde – an enthusiastic pediatrician

Newsletter July 14 - Dr. WildeDr. Annamária Wilde (the W is pronounced like a V) has been working at FirstMed as a pediatrician since April 2014. Even in such a short period of time she has gained vast popularity not just among her little patients and their parents, but also among her new colleagues. With a friendly demeanor, Dr. Wilde is rarely without a smile, and her strong character makes a positive impression on everyone. Even in her first weeks of work she was coming up with good ideas to help us serve our patients better. Now let’s take a few moments to get acquainted:

FM: How did you become a pediatrician?

AW: During university, people around me predicted that I would become a pediatrician. This was long before I had chosen my specialty, and I never understood why. But as fate would have it I studied under an excellent pediatrics teacher in my fifth year. This influenced me, and I realized that pediatrics was the path I wanted to take. I believe it’s crucial for a pediatrician to have a personality that has not lost the ‘inner child’, so we are still able to understand the language of children. We need to treat them as partners if we want to get closer to them.

FM: Is it difficult to work with children?

AW: It’s not difficult once you gain their trust. When I hear that they want to come back to Mrs. Panni (nickname for Annamária), it melts my heart. My profession is deeply satisfying. I know that to keep my professional passion alive, I, like most pediatricians, need the reassurance and trust that comes from the eyes of the children under my care as well as a supportive and compassionate work environment. I feel lucky that I can have this at FirstMed..

FM: Please tell your patients about your practice at FirstMed.

AW: FirstMed is a well-structured and substantially-equipped clinic with a positive work ethic, which I particularly like. It is essential that a private outpatient medical center maintains a high level of quality to be able to provide outstanding service for patients. It is our shared responsibility to deliver quality care, which is the challenge I am happy to accept.

I like the way patients are treated at FirstMed. I am a firm believer that good medical treatment can only result from a balanced co-operation between patient and doctor. One-sided communication, where the doctor dictates to the patient, is out-dated. What I see is but a snapshot, a cross-section slice of the young patient’s life. Good communication adds to what I see. Also, parents need to be included in the process in an assertive way as they are the ones who know their children best.

FM: Can you describe your usual manner of treating a young patient?

AW: It is essential that we start with a complete medical history. It provides a useful picture for me to see where my boundaries are, where I need extra information provided by the laboratory or an x-ray image, when I may require consultation with other doctors, or when I need to send the patient straight to a specialist.

FM: I believe you are involved in a number of clinic activities?

AW: Yes. I have engaged in some administrative tasks for the clinic. This gives me some insight into the other aspects of my work, aspects other than ‘hands on’ patient care. At the moment I am working on reviving the Baby Club and the Prenatal Education Classes, plus updating the related information material. I also attend various outside events where I have a great chance to meet the parents who entrust me with looking after the health of their children.

FM: Can you sum up your medical philosophy?

AW: It is patient care that is closest to my heart. I still feel challenged by the need to know the full range of the medical issues my patients present. An accurate diagnosis is the key. It is easy to misinterpret signs or symptoms; it is easy to blame a virus. I like to spread a “safety net” under my patients. The strength of the net is co-operation. Together we will surely find the root of the problem.

FM: What does the future hold?

AW: With five and a half years’ experience I am a young doctor. However, fresh knowledge has its benefits. I plan to widen my knowledge during the upcoming years, especially in the fields of gastroenterology and pulmonology, which I find interesting.

You can meet Dr. Wilde at our newly-opened Hűvösvölgy Clinic. Please take advantage of our opening offers. For more information please visit this

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