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Meet Negin Azodi, a Multinational Nurse

A warm welcome to Negin Azodi, a multinational nurse who recently joined the FirstMed family! Negin is a compassionate individual who brings a multicultural perspective, a love for languages, and a wealth of experience from diverse customer service roles to high-pressure healthcare environments amidst global challenges. Her ability to connect with people of diverse cultures […]

Meet Nimród Kovács, FirstMed’s co-investor

We’re thrilled to introduce Nimród Kovács, our partner in business and well-being Meet Nimród Kovács, businessman and winemaker, and FirstMed’s co-investor. Learn about his inspiring journey from Budapest to the global stage, which illustrates a life lived with passion, purpose, and wellness. From Humble Beginnings to Global Success Nimród Kovács’s journey began in the bustling […]

Meet Dr. Veronika Boros, Senior Pediatrician

Introducing FirstMed’s Senior Pediatrician, Dr. Veronika Boros We are proud of one of our longest team members and most experienced physicians, Dr. Veronika Boros, Pediatrician, for achieving an outstanding career milestone. She received a Gold Diploma from the prestigious Semmelweis University in Budapest, honoring her 50 years in medical practice. On this occasion, we talked […]

Introducing Dr. Ina-Andreea Mintas, English-speaking dermatologist

Meet Dr. Ina-Andreea Mintas, an English-speaking dermatologist who recently joined our medical team at FirstMed’s Budapest clinic. Dr. Mintas is a dermato-venereology specialist interested in general dermatology, skin cancer, and cosmetic procedures. Further to over six years of experience in general dermatological treatments for children and adults, Andreea is excellent at counseling patients on preventative […]

Meet Dr. Judit Aranyos, US-Board Certified Pediatrician at FirstMed in Budapest

FirstMed is thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Judit Aranyos, a US-qualified pediatrician to the Budapest clinic team. She has over 13 years of experience providing medical care for children from birth through adolescence. Before joining FirstMed in Hungary, Judit worked in the United States at Washington Pediatrics in Washington, NC. As a primary […]

Doctor Spotlight – Dr. Viktória Kovács ENT Specialist

Why did you become a doctor? Ever since I was little, I loved science, biology, and how the human body works. It’s always been clear to me that I will be a doctor. I consciously guided my studies in this direction. Why did you choose your specialty? ENT and head and neck surgery is the […]

Dr. Lilla Hárdi Psychiatrist – Doctor Spotlight

Why did you become a doctor? It is a long story. I wanted to be an archeologist, namely an Egyptologist as an adolescent. I have realized later that it wouldn’t satisfy all the fields of my interest. The most interesting thing in the world is the human being, so I decided to be an archeologist of […]

Sophie Schödl – Nurse Spotlight

Why did you become a nurse? I was around six when I was sure that I want to do something that helps people feel better. I had two options, I either played with my dollhouse, redesigning the rooms every week, or played with my doctor’s set. I did not realize it at the time, but […]

Interview with Dr. Marianna Hegyi – Doctor Spotlight

Why did you become a doctor?  It would be nice to say that I became a doctor because of my childhood, but it wouldn’t be true. None of my family members were doctors – I never had a personal experience. What I do remember is that I always wanted to save the sick, injured, or […]

Interview with Dr. Szabolcs Bodnár – Doctor Spotlight

Why did you become a doctor? Why did you choose orthopedic surgery as your specialty? This is a tough question. For me, it came subconsciously. My mom is a kindergarten teacher, and my dad graduated from technical university. I went to high school with the intention to get a degree in computer science and everyone […]

Interview With Dennis Diokno, FirstMed’s Founding Partner and CEO

Dennis Diokno

FirstMed turns 22 next week. We caught up with our company’s founder and asked him about FirstMed and how it has evolved over its many years. Can you please give a little background on how you got to Hungary and why you started FirstMed? During my studies at Kalamazoo College, I developed an interest in […]

Meet Dr. Ágnes Hegedűs, FirstMed’s Internist and Diabetologist

Dr. Ágnes Hegedűs, general practitioner and diabetologist. She is a medical professional with an exciting background, a great desire to help people, and a boundless source of new ideas stemming from her background and perspective. Let’s see where this all comes from. How did you get started in the medical field? I come from a […]