Fit and healthy, it’s not just for summer

How to be fit and healthy — and not only for the summer

Can you believe it … summer is just around the corner? While you may want to look good in that new swimsuit, there are many more reasons for getting fit, dropping a few kilos, or just toning up year- round. FirstMed fitness partner Holmes Place has provided us with five tips for getting started.

1. Determine your final goals

You can train five times a week but your efforts will be all over the place if you aren’t fully aware of what your goals are. Keep in mind it’s easier for trainers to put together a targeted program for you if you know your ultimate objective. When you have decided on your fitness target, you can begin to work with a personal trainer who can measure where you are today and the steps needed to reach your goals. It sounds easy but this is the point where most ‘new lifestyle’ choices drop off. Working with someone who provides tools for assessing, tracking and making progress is essential for making real progress towards a fitter, healthier you.

2. Think about your diet as fuel

It’s very easy to pick up a famous big-name diet but it’s more difficult to build up one that is designed just for you. A diet should fit your individual needs, daily routine and overall health. To accomplish this, it is best to work closely with a practiced dietitian. Exact meal planning is just as important as having a good training routine. They work together so when the exercise load changes, the diet will be modified with it. That’s how your dietitian and trainer should work together in a well-balanced synergy. Remember, diet shouldn’t be just about restrictions; that’s an easy way to fail.

3. Training with the right movements

A high-end fitness center will be able to offer clients more personalized training plans. These tailored plans will allow you to start training and really feel the difference between a personalized or a ‘stock’ training program. It may be important to find a health club with multiple trainers who are there to provide professional knowledge to clients; those clubs with too few trainers are often overloaded with older-looking clients. These trainers help members reach their fitness goals whether they are about weight loss or increased performance. They offer you the tools and show you how to use them correctly.

4. Training packages.

Screen before you start. It is very important that before you start any sort of new fitness training regime you find the tools to assess your current level of fitness and health. The last thing you want to do is over-burden your body before it is ready. Some clubs in Budapest use additional tools to screen your movement patterns, helping improve fitness movements before putting any kind of load on your body. Once you and your trainer know where to start, it’ll be easier to choose the right exercises and to work together towards achieving your goals.

5. Restore, recover, rebuild

After a hard morning or afternoon of training you can recharge your batteries with wellness or spa time. This can also be a tool for re-balancing your life. You need different recovery strategies for different stress factors. Personal trainers also give you individualized advice on how, what and when certain kinds of treatments should be employed. Stretching, foam-rolling or corrective exercises are all important steps before you move onto the relaxing portion of your training. Adding an occasional good swim to your routine not only calms but extends your day’s fitness. It’s very important that people receive the right and effective recovery protocols for every situation, to make you feel better each and every day.

With these five easy steps you can build up yourself and stay strong, fit and healthy; no matter what the season.

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