Happy, Healthy Holidays!

Newsletter - Dec.13  Hot wineWith our December issue, we welcome you to the first month of winter, and the final month of 2013. Start the holiday season right this year with our list of handy holiday tips to help keep your stress manageable so you can make the most of time spent with family and loved ones. Choose better options with regards to eating, feel more prepared to handle difficult situations, and save your energy for the things that really matter.

The holidays just don’t seem right without some tasty treats. This month we provide you with our recipe for the perfect cake to serve at any gathering; it’s delicious, easy to make, and can be served even to those who do not eat gluten or sugar. We have also prepared an interview with one of our fantastic pediatricians, Dr. Gabriella Bene, who is well-known among both clients and staff for her endless smiles and affectionate approach to each special little patient.

The advent of winter is accompanied by the longest nights and shortest days of the year. This lack of sunlight is not only gloomy, but can lead to physical and mental health issues. In this month’s issue, learn about the serious condition of winter depression, and the importance of recognizing symptoms and knowing when to seek medical help.

This is also the time of year when the influenza season is nearing its peak. The flu shot not only prevents an illness that could potentially render you out of commission for the holidays, but it also serves as protection for those around you. It is particularly important to consider this if you want to keep your children or elderly relatives safe from the flu. If you have not received your vaccination yet, it is still not too late. Contact us today, and get your Flu Shot as soon as possible.

All of us at FirstMed wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season! As some of you may already know, this coming February marks a very exciting time for us: we will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of our clinic providing medical care in Budapest. We want to share our joy and our accomplishment with everybody: as part of our celebration, we are running a very special countdown contest, where we will be giving away a host of valuable prizes, provided by our clinic and donated by our friends in the Budapest business community. We encourage you to visit our website and sign up for our Countdown Contest to win some of the great prizes we will be awarding every ten days. If you choose to participate, your name will be entered in each drawing, so it is possible for you to win more than once. You can further increase your odds by ‘Liking’ the Facebook pages of FirtsMed and our business partners.

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