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FirstMed believes everyone deserves clear and confident communication. That’s why we offer individualized speech therapy services to help you or your child overcome speech challenges and master effective communication.

Whether you’re seeking help with speech problems, such as stuttering, articulation disorders, voice disorders, or only want to improve your communication, our experienced therapist can provide the support and guidance you need. Language will not be a barrier to treatment, as our speech therapist is fluent in English and Hungarian.

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Speech therapy effectively treats various communication challenges for children and adults.

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When is speech therapy needed?

No one should struggle with communication. At FirstMed, we believe in compassionate, patient-focused treatment to address a range of communication challenges. Whether you’re an adult with difficulty speaking or a child just beginning to learn how to communicate, our speech therapy services can help.

Misarticulation and speech sound disorders

Struggling to pronounce certain sounds? Our speech therapy services can help correct improper articulation and improve how well others understand you.

This articulation disorder or disturbance involves the substitution of one speech sound (or letter) for another (e.g., “r” with “l”). Our speech therapist can help children and adults alike to learn how to pronounce words correctly and, in this way, improve speech.

The speech therapist can assist in learning the proper tongue and lip positions to address challenges like lisping and improve the clarity of your speech.

Fluency & voice disorders

This voice disorder affects the quality of the voice. It can cause speech to sound hoarse, breathy, or strained, which can lead to the formation of a lump on the vocal cords. Our speech therapist will work with you to develop strategies for speaking more fluently and clearly.

Our skilled speech therapist helps patients find strategies to speak more fluently, reducing the unintentional repetition of sounds or words.

Developmental delays & technique improvement

If your child starts to speak or communicate later than the average, that may mean a lag in speech development.

A well-child check can detect these issues early on, and our pediatricians will work closely with our speech therapist, to identify the cause and establish an individualized treatment plan.

Regardless of whether it’s for professional needs, recovery from a speech disorder, or an injury, we can help refine your speech techniques for clear communication.

Swallowing disorders & language disorders

For those with hindered abilities to comprehend or express speech caused by conditions like stroke or brain injury, we’re here to help establish strategies for effective communication.

If the tongue pushes forward during swallowing, it puts pressure on the teeth, causing the upper and lower dentures to shift and not close properly. When eating, the tongue does not stick to the roof of the mouth but can slip between the two sets of teeth. Abnormal swallowing can make eating harder or cause speech problems. It occurs mainly in children but sometimes also in adults.

Our speech therapist will teach proper swallowing techniques that effectively complement orthodontic treatment.

Further to these speech deficiencies listed above, speech therapy can help with many more language difficulties. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need consultation on other issues.

Remember, we’re more than just your healthcare providers. We’re trusted partners in helping you overcome your challenges. It’s this personalized, strategic approach that sets FirstMed apart.

What happens during the speech therapy sessions?

Firstmed’s speech therapy sessions are held in one of our clinic’s convenient offices, with each patient receiving an individually customized treatment plan. Speech exercises and activities may vary depending on the patient’s speech disorder, age, and needs.

Exercises may include:

How efficient is speech therapy?

Speech therapy can significantly improve speech or language disorders in both children and adults. It is most efficient for young children when they start treatment early and practice the exercises with their parents at home. However, it can also have notable benefits at a later age.

Meet your dedicated speech specialist

Edit Juhász-Vedres, our highly skilled speech therapist, is proficient in English and Hungarian languages and committed to working with children and adults. Empathy, expertise, and personalized treatment strategies form the core of her approach to equip you or your child with the fundamentals of fluency.

Edit’s qualifications span speech therapy, oligophrenic pedagogy (treating the intellectually disabled), as well as mental hygiene advising. She brings over 30 years of experience in helping patients with speech challenges, such as young children with delayed speech development, tongue thrust swallowing, dyslalia, and stuttering, as well as teaching adults with aphasia after a stroke to speak again.

Between 2018 and 2021, she practiced in Ireland, working with autistic children, which broadened her experience of understanding and treating diverse speech therapy needs. Besides working at FirstMed, Edit serves as a speech therapist and special education teacher at a local public health center in Budapest.

Choose Edit Juhász-Vedres for a compassionate, tailored journey toward effective communication.

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At FirstMed, the focus is on you. We understand the importance of meaningful communication in every aspect of life, and we designed our speech therapy services to support that. The voice has power – let us help you or your child discover and nurture it. With FirstMed, you’re never alone in your journey.

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