Pediatric First Aid Course Relaunch

We are delighted to announce the relaunch of our popular English-language Pediatric First Aid Course, which returns after a short break. The upcoming session, beginning on June 12, 2024, will be led by the highly proficient Negin Azodi, a qualified nurse with a deep passion for pediatric care and first aid education.

Our commitment to the English-speaking community in Hungary is evident in our relaunch of the Pediatric First Aid Course. This course, specifically designed for parents, caregivers, and anyone interested in emergency pediatric care, is a testament to our dedication to children’s safety and well-being.

What the course will cover

This comprehensive course covers essential topics such as

  • CPR for infants and children,
  • what to do when the child is choking,
  • fever management, and more,

ensuring participants are well-prepared to handle common medical emergencies.

About the instructor

Negin Azodi, our highly skilled and dedicated nurse, will lead the Pediatric First Aid course with a wealth of knowledge and experience in nursing. Negin brings a multicultural background, practical insights, and a compassionate teaching approach. Her expertise and dedication ensure that you will receive the highest quality of education, leaving you confident in your ability to handle any emergency.

Location and registration

Convenience is key, which is why our 3-hour Pediatric First Aid Course will be held at FirstMed’s easily accessible facilities. This location supports a hands-on learning environment, ensuring your comfort and ease during the course.

Please click here for more details on the Pediatric First Aid Course and registration.

Adult First Aid Course is also coming soon

But that’s not all. We are thrilled to announce the upcoming relaunch of our Adult First Aid Course. Led by the same exceptional instructor, Negin Azodi, this course will offer a fantastic opportunity for adults to gain fundamental first-aid skills. We believe that by enhancing our community’s health safety and preparedness, we can all feel more secure and confident in our ability to respond to emergencies.

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