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Value Card

Avail a wide range of services with the Value Card at 35% discount, or even more beneficial rates. If you are currently without medical insurance or have insurance with a high deductible, excess, or co-pay, the Value Card is a cost-effective solution to access the care you need.

Included Services and Discounted Prices with the Value Card

Doctor’s consultations and medical examinations

ServicePrices with the Value Card (in HUF)
General practice / Internist / Gynecologist [30 min]35 000
General practice / Internist / Gynecologist [45 min – 60 min]42 000
Travel consultation35 000
Allergology / Immunology39 900
Allergology + Prick test58 000
ENT (ear, nose, throat)39 900
Annual Gynecological Exam55 000
Orthopedics39 900
Ophthalmology39 900
Urology39 900
Dermatology39 900
Neurology [30 min]39 900
Neurology [45-60 min]59 000
Speech Therapy39 900
Specialist consultation (focused)39 900
Specialist consultation (expanded)46 500
Specialist consultation (detailed)59 000
Lung function test42 000
Health Maintenance79 950 
Cardiology [20 min]39 900
Holter (24 hrs/48 hrs/72 hrs)33 500 / 48 000 / 58 000
ECHO33 500
ABPM33 500
Stress test45 000
After-hours additional charge25 000


Lab exams available at our clinic with the Value Card, upon medical referral:

ServicesPrices with the Value Card (in HUF)
Liver function14 500
Kidney function14 500
Complete Blood Count (CBC)11 500
Iron panel22 800
ESR11 500
CRP14 500
IgGAM14 500
Inhalant allergy test25 000
Nutritive allergy test25 000
PCR panel42 000
Hormone function26 500
Thyroid function21 000
D-vitamin14 500
In-house lab tests28 000
Gluten intolerance18 000

In-house lab tests refer to any tests that FirstMed can run on its own equipment or with its own kits.


Diagnostic exams available at our clinic with the Value Card upon a doctor’s referral:

 ServicesPrices with the Value Card (in HUF)
X-ray, ECG (per body part)17 500
Ultrasound (per body part)28 500
Mammography20 500
Complex Mammography20 500 + 28 500

Additional Healthcare Services

ServicesPrices with the Value Card (in HUF)
Prescription / medication refill5 000
Prescription time (extra time for the doctor)15 000
Wound care15 000
GastroscopyCash payer prices

Conditions for using the Value Card

  • You will get a 35% discount on our listed prices for our clinic’s services not listed above. This discount does not apply to dentistry, physical therapy, medications, and medical supplies.
  • Neurological examinations with equipment (ENG, EEG, EAG) cost HUF 45,500/each.
  • IUD removal price HUF 23,000. It can only be done together with the gynecological exam for an additional HUF 35,000 consultation fee.
  • Payment for our services must be settled prior to the visit online through our webshop, or by cash or equivalent right after the visit, but before departure.
  • Discounts cannot be combined.
  • Insurance is not accepted.
  • We do not accept social security insurance, i.e. TAJ card or EIHC.
  • We reserve the right to change the prices.
  • The Value Card is valid for one year, starting from the date of purchase.

Prices are valid from June 15, 2023

Value Card price: HUF

28 000

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Sales team on