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USA Immigration Visa Medical Evaluation

FirstMed can provide you with your USA Visa medical report.

Thank you for choosing FirstMed for your USA Visa medical report.

Please use the following form to request your USA Immigration Visa Medical Evaluation.

Submission of the form is the start of the process, but does not necessarily mean we will be able to grant a visit. We have limited space for applications.

To begin the process please note the following and provide us with all of the details that are requested. Due to the increased volume of applications they may be some delays in providing appointment.

If you do not speak English or Hungarian you must bring an interpreter or doctors will not be able to carry on the consultation! Katalin Maximova is available for translation [+36 30 504 8141] She has not connection to the clinic and this is not an endorsement of her ability.

В случае, если Вы не говорите по-английски, Вам необходимо прийти с переводчиком на прием к врачу, без переводчика, к сожалению, врач не сможет Вас принять.

None of the following are guarantees. We work as quickly as possible but there may be unforeseen issues that arise that will delay your paperwork being finalized

For adults, lab tests and paperwork will require this amount of time to be processed. 

  • Between age 18-24: up to 2 weeks(typically 8-10 days)
  • Over age 25: 2-4 working days

Children aged 2-14 must have Quantiferon Tuberculosis Test.

  • This test can only be given between Monday and Thursday 8:00 to 11:00.
  • The test takes 17 to 20 days to return results.
  • The case cannot be closed without the results coming back to us.

We are trying our best to accommodate all visa applicants but please note that paperwork and medical tests take time.

Please plan accordingly which means at least 2 weeks before your US embassy visit for adults and 3 weeks with children between 2-14

Start your USA Immigration Visa Medical Request