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The benefits of receiving a second opinion

Newsletter - Sept 2014 2nd opinion

For many people, not hearing what they expected to hear during a doctor’s appointment can be a source of great frustration and stress. While some serious illnesses and conditions require almost immediate treatment, it’s always good to be able to turn to another medical professional and get a second opinion. Although most people trust the professionalism of their doctor, they would like to have somebody else weigh in on the situation. If you have been thinking about getting a second opinion, or have wondered how the process can work, then you should find all the help that you need here.

Will my doctor be offended?

This is a concern that many people have when they go seek a second opinion. However, most doctors will welcome a second opinion. The majority of doctors will not be offended or hurt by your asking other professionals, if they confirm suspicions and help you get the treatment you.

Why Do People Want Second Opinions?

Doctors are trained in a specific manner and their treatment methodology may vary depending on where studied and trained. Many patients just want to see if another doctor would be willing to try an alternative treatment process. While others may feel that they need better chemistry from another medical professional to get the treatment they need in full confidence. Remember that medical opinions can vary and what one doctor may say could be madness to another.

Doing a bit of research into the education, methodology and experience of your doctor in the particular issues you are suffering from is a good way to get started. Then, you can know if you should consider looking elsewhere for a second opinion.

How Can A Second Opinion Help?

Quite simply, a second opinion can give you peace of mind. Whether both doctors agree with each other depends on everything listed above, but if you are able to get a positive response from both regarding a diagnosis this can be a good thing. By getting more certainty in the diagnosis received, going for treatment is much easier for many patients. If you feel that by having a diagnosis and/or a course of treatment confirmed by another physician would make you feel more comfortable, then this is what you should do.

Get More Answers

You might find that the doctor you usually work with isn’t quite as receptive as you would like. If you don’t feel you are getting adequate information from your doctor, asking for the second opinion of a more informative professional or a specialist might be the best bet for understanding your case. By hearing all the information from a doctor, you can start to weigh your options and make a more informed decision.

Having a second opinion on your medical condition is not a crime, and it’s certainly not an issue that will be controversial or hurt your doctor’s feelings. If you were to give somebody in your own job an opinion, they may ask somebody else who is equally as qualified for their opinion. Doctors are just the same, and confirmation between two professionals can result in a safer and more conclusive diagnosis and treatment process in general.


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