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Enter the Autumn Healthy

Newsletter - Oct 2014 - Health Checks

Summer is a fantastic time of year; good weather, barbeques, and lot of time outdoors. So now that the warmer months have come to an end, are you prepared for the cold and bleak ones? Will your immune system be ready to fight all those nasty viruses and bacteria?

How can we maintain a good state of health?

Besides eating right, exercising, and making sure we have enough rest, a regular head-to-toe check to make sure everything is working well in our system is recommended. Our bodies are highly complex biological machines that require regular care and maintenance regardless of age. A regular medical check-up is very effective at detecting and preventing future problems thus ensuring the best present and future health. Unlike cars which can be replaced, we only get one chance with our body so it has to last our entire lifetime! Getting a clear picture of the state of our health is especially useful before entering the colder months, as there will be more bacteria and viruses lingering around trying to make us ill. The better health we are in today will mean a reduced chance of their negatively impacting our health.

The options FirstMed offers

Our comprehensive Health Maintenance screening* takes over an hour and looks into the current condition of your health and family history. You will have a complete review of medical history, a basic physical exam and routine diagnostic/laboratory tests. This is an excellent way to ensure you are fit and ready for anything. The old saying still stands: an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!

Another option, our Cardiovascular Screening, focuses on the health of your heart and blood vessels, involving laboratory tests, discussion of results, and possibly lifestyle changes. Cardiovascular disease is still the number one killer in the developed world for both men and women. Screening before symptoms develop gives you the chance to see if you are at risk and take steps to prevent the diseases from occurring. Major causes of cardiovascular problems are tobacco use, physical inactivity, stress and unhealthy diet. If you are reading this and regularly partake in any of these activities or inactivates, then now is the time to get your heart checked.

For women there is the Annual Gynecological Exam*. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) suggest that women should be screened every two years and that a Pap test can literally save a woman’s life. Getting this test is the best thing you can do to prevent cervical cancer. It takes only 30 minutes of your time and includes a physician consultation, clinical breast exam, pelvic exam and the Pap smear. So again if you are reading this thinking when was the last time, it probably means it was too long ago, so book it in now. There is no time to lose.

Individuals, who are actively responsible for their own health stay healthier. We hope that you will agree. See you soon!

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