Well-Child Check

Regular well-child check visits are indispensable in monitoring your child’s well-being and detecting any underlying health conditions early. Pediatrician consultations also provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about any issues that concern you.

Childhood is a crucial period marked by rapid growth and development. To ensure your child’s health and development are on track, it is essential to have regular well-child check visits. These comprehensive medical examinations are tailored to your child’s unique needs, and conducted by highly qualified, English-speaking doctors.

Partner with FirstMed in Budapest to provide your kids with a healthy and happy childhood. Request an appointment for a well-child check today and set your child on the right path to robust health.

Essential Information about Well-Child Checks

What to expect on a well-child check visit?

Well-child checks at FirstMed encompass a detailed and comprehensive examination of your child’s health. During this one-hour visit, our skilled and compassionate pediatrician will give you an overview of your child’s developmental progress.

The Well-Child Check includes:

Age-dependent laboratory evaluations — ranging from iron studies to lipid screening and hemoglobin, as well as blood sugar (glucose) levels with urine tests — also provide insight into your child’s physical well-being.

This comprehensive approach ensures that your child receives the appropriate care and support to grow and develop beautifully.

Well-Child Checks are beneficial at every developmental phase

As your child navigates through various stages of growth and development, regular well-child checkups act as guiding milestones, enabling proactive health management and timely interventions.

Schedule the well-child visits in the following age stages:​

It is vital that children continue to see their pediatrician annually until they turn 18. During these visits, in addition to thorough health exams, we focus on further essential areas, such as:

home and school safety,
tracking growth and
development milestones.

Also, you can discuss any issues about your child’s behavior, sleep, eating habits, or interactions with other family members.

Secure your child’s future health by regular well-child checkups

As children grow, they experience different stages of development, each with its milestones and challenges. Well-child visits help monitor this progress, spot potential issues, and address them promptly. It’s a small investment with lifelong returns – the health and well-being of your child.

Take advantage of your private health insurance

Parents can take advantage of their annual health insurance plan, which often covers the cost of a comprehensive physical exam for their child, such as the well-child check. Maximize the benefits of your private health insurance and prioritize your child’s health by regular well-child visits.

Prepay for the visit at a special price

Schedule your little one’s well-child check appointment below and benefit from our special offer. Purchase the visit in advance through our webshop and take advantage of a great price. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to keep your child healthy and happy!

Our Pediatricians

Dr. Krisztina Kalocsai

Dr. Zsófia Laufer

Dr. Vera Tory

Dr. Annamária Wilde

Dr. Kristóf Zágonyi, Pediatrician

Dr. Kristóf Zágonyi

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