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How to Reduce Your Healthcare Costs While Living Overseas

In the US and other countries medical insurance can cost several times more than in many international countries. American expats in particular can pay two, three, or even four times less for medical insurance.

The key to saving on health insurance premiums is selecting policies that exclude coverage in North America. The moment you select a policy that provide full coverage in the US you can plan on paying US rates. If you plan to spend the majority of time outside of the US and Canada, you can choose from a number of fully comprehensive major medical plans. Some of these plans will even provide some, usually limited with higher co-pays and/or deductibles, coverage for short trips to the US. If you choose a plan that completely excludes coverage in North America, you can pick up short-term travel medical policies for trips to the US*.

If your budget is very tight, you might consider a policy that excludes North America and has a high deductible and/or co-pay. Alternatively you might consider a combination of high deductible insurance plan and some type of health plan from a local clinic. These health plans are usually limited to a single clinic or network within a particular country. However they can be quite comprehensive and provide for most of your routine health care needs.

If you would like assistance or advice on different international insurance policies or clinic plans, please feel free to contact us.

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