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Introduction to the February Newsletter

Newsletter - Feb13 - BirthdayIt is finally February. This month, FirstMed is proud to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the first time the doors of the clinic opened in Budapest. These past years the clinic has faced lots of challenges, but our visible success in blossoming through these struggles is demonstrated by the expansion in services and staff as well as location.

Over the course of these years we have had the privilege of working with a fine selection of dedicated and talented staff members. Every nurse, physician, specialist, expert, and administrative worker has contributed in some way toward making FirstMed the sophisticated, yet family-oriented professional healthcare provider that it is today. So as our birthday approaches, we have asked our staff members, to reflect on their experiences with our clinic through the years.

With heart disease being the number one killer in the Western world, it is important to preserve our cardiovascular system. In honor of ‘Heart Health’ month, in our February newsletter we have included the seven pillars of a lifestyle that promotes the health of your cardiovascular system. It is also vitally important to regularly attend the appropriate screenings and to keep track of how your system is doing. Sign up for FirstMed’s Cardiovascular Assessment and feel more confident about your heart.

Hungry for something new? Try our delicious February recipe, incorporating the flavor of savory chicken breast complemented by the Mediterranean sweetness of plums and figs. Serve it with a side of your choice, and let us know how you enjoyed your meal.

With spring lurking around the corner it may be time to consider having that peculiar-looking mole checked. That mole that has been causing you discomfort, due to its inconvenient location or unseemly appearance can become a thing of the past in no time. During our promotion this month, one of the most experienced doctors at FirstMed will examine and, if desired, remove your ugly or dangerous moles and growths, during the quick, comprehensive Saturday Skin Consultation at a discounted price.

We hope that you enjoy this month’s edition of our monthly newsletter! Make sure that you don’t miss any of our great articles and special offers in the future – Sign up for our monthly newsletter!

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