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Metabolism can’t wait!

To have a well-functioning diet, it is crucial that your metabolism works at a good pace. If we truly want to help our body, we should do everything we can to make that possible. A good metabolism is not only important for our diet but if our digestion is working efficiently it will enable the unnecessary waste to pass through our body sooner. This will make us feel less full and bloated.

Which foods or meals improve metabolism?


A nice, warm and sticky cup of oatmeal contains 4 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein. It slows down the digestion of carbohydrates and lowers the insulin index score which results in a longer period of satiety (feeling full). When possible, choose steel-cut oats because these are less processed than rolled or the other variants. Steel-cuts take longer to process by digestion and thus do not rapidly raise our blood sugar level as quickly as rolled oats.
Our tip:

To get the most out of it, boil the oatmeal and let it cool for 1 to 2 hours so it can soak up all the moisture and become nice and soft. If you do not want to boil them and would rather use milk, you can soak them in the fridge for a whole night. Do not consume it without boiling or at least soaking to make it more digestible, allowing you to get the most fiber out of your meal.


Steamed or grilled carrots are best eaten as a garnish. They contain very few calories but will fill you up quite fast. Heating them will bring out three times as manyantioxidants compared to what raw carrots contain.


In 1816 Christian Bucholz first extracted the active component found in peppers, capsaicin. It’s capsaicin that makes peppers such as cayenne and jalapeño spicy. This special compound burns fat as well. Moreover, in cold weather, it even gives the body a nice sensation of heat, which is one more reason to have some in winter time. Capsaicin pills are what keep at least one Edmonton Canada mailman going in the cold, cold winter.


Chickpeas (or garbanzo beans) are very high in fiber, helping your metabolism by getting rid of the excreta (dietary waste) in the digestive system. This can help reduce the feeling of bloating and constipation and may even lead to weight loss in time. They are very low in fat, so feel free to eat even if you are on a diet.

Chickpeas are packed with protein that is beneficial for growing children, pregnant women and breastfeeding moms. Besides being delicious, they can help normalize blood pressure fluctuation.



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