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Mole removal

The winter cold may have provided you with opportunity to hide unwanted blemishes on your body, but with spring just around the corner wouldn’t you like to get rid of them before the weather warms up? How long will you continue to feel self-conscious about that ugly mole? Or worse, are you ever concerned that it might be a dangerous mole that you should have looked at? Here’s your opportunity!

What is a mole?

Moles are similar to freckles or birthmarks in that they are all comprised of pigmented cell groups on the surface of the skin. However, moles have a tendency to rise above the surrounding area of skin, and may be blue, black, or flesh colored. Most develop in the first twenty years of life, but they can also appear later on. It is vitally important to have your skin checked regularly for signs of dangerous conditions, and to consult your GP or family doctor as soon as possible if you notice any changes in the size, appearance, or texture of a mole.

While they may not necessarily pose threats to your health, some of your moles or skin tags may cause you severe discomfort in other ways. It can be frustrating to live with an inconveniently located mole or growth that gets caught in jewelry or uncomfortably rubs against clothing. For some, a mole can also simply be unseemly. Many people feel that large moles, particularly around the face or chest are taking away from their confidence.

If you are tired of living with an uncomfortable, ugly, or potentially dangerous mole please consult with one of our experts here at FirstMed. Dealing with this problem has never been simpler. FirstMed’s experts have extensive expertise with the quick and skillful removal of moles and growths from the skin. The process is not very painful, and is followed by a brief process of recovery, resulting in little to no scarring once the skin has completely healed.

How are they removed?

Before any moles can be removed, your physician will conduct a brief examination. Once the mole(s) in question have been located and inspected, local anesthesia will be applied. This is typically the only part of the process that involves slight discomfort or pain, because it completely desensitizes the skin for the following process.

Typically, the removal of a single mole does not require more than a minute or two, and is achieved through the process of hyfrecation where an electric current is passed through a thin wire which essentially burns off the upper layers of skin. This method is the most precise of the several methods of mole removal, due to the small head of the wire.

Following the procedure, the doctor may place a bandage over the small scab that will form over the affected area of skin, and remind you to let it heal naturally to ensure the shortest duration of recovery and scar-free healing.

FirstMed is now offering a special Saturday Skin Consultation with one of our most experienced doctors, Dr. Varju, who can identify and treat the problematic areas on your skin. If you are interested in this quick, relatively painless procedure to successfully rid you of unseemly or dangerous moles or skin growths, do not hesitate to book an appointment at FirstMed now!


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