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Imaging Diagnostic Services

FirstMed provides a range of diagnostic imaging services (X-ray, ultrasound, and mammography) with highly trained, English-speaking radiologists and modern equipment.

We can quickly and professionally perform a variety of diagnostic imaging (radiology) examinations for children and adults. A referral from a general practitioner or specialist is required to carry out these tests accurately and make the correct diagnosis.


In some situations, X-ray imaging is essential. Particularly in the case of trauma and chest disease, where doctors can diagnose and treat fractures and identify pneumonia and other medical problems.

We operate the X-ray equipment under strict control from the Hungarian health authorities to ensure that all radiation exposures are kept to the absolute minimum. Doctors at FirstMed only order X-rays when medically indicated.


Mammography is a particular type of X-ray of the breasts, which is used to screen breast cancer and is also used as a diagnostic procedure for breast cancer in women who have symptoms, such as a lump. Mammography can typically spot lesions one-fifth the size of those that can be felt by hand during self-examination or clinical breast examination by a healthcare professional. The screening can pick up about 40% of cancers that are too small to detect by touch on clinical examination.


Using our ultrasound machine, our doctors can generate high-resolution images of different body regions, such as the thyroid, breast, abdomen, and pelvis, as well as dynamic studies to check for problems with blood flow in arteries and veins.

We also have the technology for 4D or real-time 3-dimensional fetal images for prenatal patients as part of their routine care. As most people are aware, ultrasound is a very safe technology without the risks of radiation exposure that other imaging modalities carry. 

With this in mind, we use this excellent technology to enhance patient care.


We can organize MRI, CT, or PET through our extensive partner network for more thorough scanning that we cannot conduct on-site.


Dr. Magdolna Hegedűs



Dr. Zsuzsanna Somos