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Spring cleaning

Newsletter - Apr 15 - SpringOnce we get over the euphoria from the rising temperature outside and the longer days, we feel the desire to get to work. Something about spring evokes the need to tidy up inside and out; to leave the old behind and bring in the new. That is probably why “spring cleaning” has evolved into a widely used expression.

Health benefits of spring cleaning our home

  • By giving our home a thorough cleaning, we get rid of many allergens that may have accumulated during the winter. One of them is simple dust, to which many are allergic, but we can mention pet dander or dust mites as other sources potential reaction.
  • As the weather gets warmer we love opening our windows to let in fresh air and fill our rooms with oxygen. The more oxygen we have, the better our system works.
  • How about putting some favorite party music on when the sun shines outside and fresh breeze strokes our skin while cleaning our windows or the pantry? Rhythmic music elevates our mood and inspires us to dance, or jump around, not only makes cleaning more fun, but also counts towards our daily amount of exercise. Exercise also helps the release of endorphins, our feel-good hormones. Make sure to drink enough water while engaging in a more energetic activity to replace the water that we lose through sweating.
  • Go through your kitchen cabinets; clean and freshen up their contents to get them organized. This time don’t just check the expiration date, which, of course, is the first data to check, but also the ingredients. Along with the expired food toss out those full of artificial additives. Make a commitment to yourself to resist the urge to purchase these types of unhealthy foods in the future.
  • Pre-make small portions of healthy snacks, like nuts, oat bars, or raisins, for times when you do not have anything prepared yet you are hungry. Leave them somewhere easily accessible so you can reach for them when you would otherwise grab for a piece of chocolate or something else non-nutritious and high-calorie.

Maybe it’s also time to try out some new kitchen utensils, consider the following:

  • A blender. It is great for fruit-yogurt smoothies or raw cold summer soups.
  • Get a pressure cooker for faster, more economic and potentially healthier (less oil) cooking.
  • A quality non-stick skillet that enables you to use less or no oil when sautéing or frying your meat and/or veggies.
  • Replace your plates with a set of smaller ones. With less surface area you can fill them with as much food so you will eat less and produce less waste.
  • Match your smaller plates with larger water glasses. Buy glasses with at least 3 – 4 dl capacity to increase your water intake. Five glasses of water per day should give you all the water your body needs.

Why not embrace the inclinations to clean and apply them to our health too?

How to spring clean your body

  • Drink a glass – remember, 3 dl at least! 😉 – of lemon water every morning before breakfast. Some say this helps eliminate leftover toxins from your body. There is no scientific proof of its benefits but it does taste more refreshing.
  • Take extra vitamins, most importantly vitamins C, D and B complex. Fresh fruit, vegetables and enough sunshine will help boost their level significantly.
  • Start using fresh herbs and spices instead of additional salt. More flavors and colors will give enough variety that will reduce your cravings for savory tastes.
  • Eat more bitter foods, like grapefruit. The bitter taste helps release bile that aids digestion.
  • Eat more soluble fibers, like oats, lentils, or barley. Besides its cleansing properties they are also packed with Vitamin B.
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise! Or do a spring cleaning each week for the entire spring.

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