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You exercise your body but are you exercising your brain?

Edit-Pick-postIt is now regarded that mental exercise and physical exercise are equally important to remain healthy throughout your life. These, in addition to a healthy diet, are a great benefit to ageing well. Keeping the brain active is important in preventing memory loss and other neurological disorders. Mental stimulation and exercises are necessary in our daily lives to reduce and prevent mental decline!

Just as physical activities keep you strong, mental activities keep your mind sharp and agile. One way to do this is to constantly challenge yourself by learning new skills. An active brain produces new connections between nerve cells that allow cells to communicate better with one another. This helps your brain store and retrieve information more easily, no matter how old you are.

So keep challenging your mind!

There are so many ways to do so such as:

  • Completing a crossword or Sudoku daily
  • Learning a new language
  • Learning a new hobby or craft
  • Reading

Challenge yourself today with a Sudoku and keep that mind active!

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