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Dr. Lilla Hárdi Psychiatrist – Doctor Spotlight

Why did you become a doctor?

It is a long story. I wanted to be an archeologist, namely an Egyptologist as an adolescent. I have realized later that it wouldn’t satisfy all the fields of my interest. The most interesting thing in the world is the human being, so I decided to be an archeologist of the personality, a psychiatrist.

 Why did you choose your specialty?

First of all, it was genetic damage in my family. My parents were both psychiatrists, and I was raised in a psychiatric ward where they spent their life. I listened to their discussions about the patients at home, and many patients were coming to my father’s private office. I socialized with medical doctors as a child. My father still has (he is 99 years old and is still working!) a huge library at home full of psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, and psychoanalytic literature. So I was reading psychiatry and psychology parallelly with  Gulliver’s travels.

What are the good points of being a doctor? The bad ones?

The good points are the experiences with the patients. You (the doctor) and your patient live in the therapeutic space, and when you let your patient out, s/he is in a better state or (sometimes) healthy.

The bad points are the administrative tasks. None of us likes the growing amount of administration.

What makes FirstMed different from other places where you have practiced medicine?

It is rich in different cultures and people. The level of its services is outstanding in Hungary. Some of the staff have special professional knowledge and experiences from different parts of the world.

You can feel that the staff does his best for the patients and the Clinic.

What do you like most about practicing medicine at FirstMed?

High level of service, you as well as the patients are treated with respect.

What do you consider when looking for a doctor for yourself or a family member?

Level of professional knowledge and experience, human attitude, personality.

Besides specific medical advice that you give to individual patients, is there anything you would recommend for people to stay as healthy as possible?

Devote enough time for yourself, do regular sports activities, have a hobby and deal with it regularly, find your sources of satisfaction, handle human relationships with respect and honor, enjoy that you are a member of our human society.

Thank you, Dr. Hárdi, for the interview.

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