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Meet Dr. Veronika Boros, Senior Pediatrician

Introducing FirstMed’s Senior Pediatrician, Dr. Veronika Boros

We are proud of one of our longest team members and most experienced physicians, Dr. Veronika Boros, Pediatrician, for achieving an outstanding career milestone. She received a Gold Diploma from the prestigious Semmelweis University in Budapest, honoring her 50 years in medical practice.

On this occasion, we talked about her remarkable medical career and the almost 25 years she spent at FirstMed. Her passion for pediatrics and commitment to providing the best possible care for her little patients is truly inspiring.

How does it feel to receive such a commemorative certificate?

Dr. Veronika Boros accepts her gold diploma.

It’s a mixed feeling because, on the one hand, it’s a great pleasure to have spent so many years in pediatrics, which I enjoy doing and is very dear to me. On the other hand, it’s strange how fast time flies; 50 years have passed almost unnoticed, and how much has happened since then. Tremendous progress has occurred in technology, thanks to which the world has sped up.

I spent almost half of this time at FirstMed, where I followed the clinic’s growth and development almost from the start and how it became one of Budapest’s leading English-language private clinics.

Could you tell us about the beginning of your career? Where did it all start?

I completed my medical studies in Budapest at the Semmelweis University of Medicine. I graduated in general medicine in 1973 and in 1979 in infant and pediatric medicine. My medical career began in 1973 at János Hospital, where I worked in pulmonary medicine for the first year, and later, I was able to continue my work in my chosen specialty, pediatrics.

At the beginning of my career, a scholarship opportunity took me to the University of Alberta, Canada, where I researched bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), a chronic lung disease. This disease occurs when the newborn’s lungs do not develop properly due to being born too early, so the baby needs ventilation and oxygen therapy. The medicinal therapy developed then was a revolutionary innovation in the care of premature babies. Although not for its original purpose, it is still used successfully in treating asthma.

Although the climate in Edmonton, Canada, is icy, the temperature can drop to -30 degrees in winter, but the people’s directness and warmth are all the more characteristic. Everyone was welcoming and friendly, so I liked working there.

In 1995, I returned to János Hospital, where I was appointed chief physician of the pediatric department. I worked here until my retirement in 2011.

When did you join FirstMed?

I have been a member of FirstMed since its early days. Shortly after the clinic was established in May-June 1999, one of its managers contacted me — at that time, FirstMed belonged to the American Clinics network, and I joined the medical team as a pediatrician.

At first, only two of us ran the pediatric practice, then I was alone for a short time, but soon, more colleagues joined, including Dr. Andrea Luczay, who also works here to this day.

In addition, I worked as a school doctor at the British School between 2019 and 2020. I loved working with schoolchildren. After the pandemic, I decided not to return there and focus exclusively on FirstMed.

What has kept you here at FirstMed for so many years?

“We cooperate perfectly in a real team” — Dr. Veronika Boros with Dr. Zoltán Gyulai

Returning from Canada, adapting to the distant, hierarchical Hungarian workplace system at the János Hospital was challenging. However, at FirstMed, I had the friendliest and most humane work environment I have come to love in Canada. From the start, I felt comfortable in the informal atmosphere and appreciated that we cooperated perfectly in a real team.

I’m impressed by the clinic’s focus on providing patients with comprehensive care. The in-house laboratory, modern diagnostic test equipment, and endoscopy center mean we can support patient care more efficiently than ever before. I gladly use and recommend today’s technology to promote healing; for example, even a recording taken at home with a mobile phone can help to find out the symptoms of a disease.

During the years spent in the medical field, a much more significant gap opened between the private and public healthcare systems. I am glad I can work at FirstMed, a medical institution that provides excellent care. Here, I have the opportunity and time to pay maximum attention to the children’s care and communicate with their parents about their health status.

What do you like to do in your free time?

“My favorite free time activity is playing bridge.”

I’ve been playing bridge since 2006 when I joined a bridge club, which members regularly play together. I also participate in competitions in the amateur category. Such competition was a four-day event this summer in Balatonföldvár, which I fondly remember.

My other passion was skiing, which I pursued since 1981 but stopped after 30 years. After an extended break, I couldn’t continue it the way I liked – sliding down fast on black slopes — and then it didn’t cause me as much joy as before. I admit that I’m very addicted to adrenaline and high speed. Similarly, I like urgent care in medical aspects, where the pace is fast.

Let me congratulate Veronika once again on this well-deserved honor! I’m so glad I could meet you and introduce you to our patients. Thank you for sharing the story of your long and exciting career with us. All the best in continuing your great work.

As our conversation with Dr. Veronika Boros concludes, we’re reminded of her unwavering dedication to pediatric care, her passion for health innovation, and her robust spirit. We are truly honored to have such a seasoned and passionate professional as part of the FirstMed Family.

Provide your child with the kind of care where they really matter. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Veronika Boros.

Interview by Dorottya Fekete

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