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Meet Negin Azodi, a Multinational Nurse

A warm welcome to Negin Azodi, a multinational nurse who recently joined the FirstMed family!

Negin is a compassionate individual who brings a multicultural perspective, a love for languages, and a wealth of experience from diverse customer service roles to high-pressure healthcare environments amidst global challenges. Her ability to connect with people of diverse cultures enriches our community and amplifies the caring essence we value.

Embarking on her journey as a curious student at Semmelweis University, Negin’s path led her to discover her true calling in nursing. Her career, marked by compassion, resilience, and the joy of healing, has taken her from Iran to Budapest, Hungary, via the US and the UK. This global experience has equipped her to navigate diverse situations in a changing world, honing her empathy and connectivity. This unique journey makes her a remarkable addition to our team, resonating with our international patients.

“I love being a nurse and making a difference in patients’ lives. Being a source of hope and kindness during their vulnerable moments is fulfilling. Even small responsibilities make me feel like I’m in the right place at the right time,” says Negin about her first experience with FirstMed in Budapest. “I’m happy to be here at FirstMed, where I feel like a valued family member.” – she adds.

We are excited to announce that Negin will lead the relaunch of our pediatric and adult first aid courses. Her vibrant spirit and deep commitment to health education will infuse these programs with new life. We eagerly look forward to her fresh perspectives and thorough guidance, and we’re sure you will, too. Stay tuned for more details to be shared soon.

“Negin will lead our first aid programs with new insights. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and talent shine through in everything she does, making her a perfect fit for our mission to deliver top-notch healthcare services,” says Ildikó Sándor, Nurse Manager at FirstMed. “She embodies the spirit of FirstMed with her hardworking nature and compassionate approach to patient care.”

Please join us in greeting Negin Azodi and wishing her a successful journey as a cherished member of our nursing team and an inspirational first aid instructor.

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