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Meet Nimród Kovács, FirstMed’s co-investor

We’re thrilled to introduce Nimród Kovács, our partner in business and well-being

Meet Nimród Kovács, businessman and winemaker, and FirstMed’s co-investor. Learn about his inspiring journey from Budapest to the global stage, which illustrates a life lived with passion, purpose, and wellness.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Success

Nimród Kovács’s journey began in the bustling streets of Budapest, where his drive and passion for life motivated him to travel across continents in pursuit of his dreams. He ended up in the United States, where he learned business at the University of Colorado and got an MBA from Thunderbird in Phoenix. Settling then in New York City, Nimród embarked on a career that established a reputation in the advertising and telecommunication industries. His professional life was guided by a philosophy prioritizing quality, gratitude, and perseverance.

The wind of change returned him to Hungary in the 1990s, where he became a significant figure in revolutionizing the telecom industry. He helped establish HBO/Kábelkom and co-founded UPC in Hungary, which then grew into one of CEE’s most considerable cable television service providers.

His experiences taught him invaluable lessons about staying ahead of the curve when it comes to changes, creating value, and building trust within a team.

A Life Cultivated: Retirement and Beyond

The buildings of Kovács Nimród Winery in Eger, Hungary.
The buildings of Kovács Nimród Winery in Eger, Hungary.

Nimród Kovács’s retirement has been anything but static. In the lush vineyards of Eger, he has turned his passion into a quest to make world-class wines. This aligns with his motto: “You need high-quality grapes to produce high-quality wines.” The businessman’s journey into wine-making represents the importance of nurturing and quality, principles at the heart of FirstMed’s philosophy.

Nimród’s relationship with the clinic goes back many years. As a Plan holder and a good friend of Dennis Diokno, the clinic’s founder and CEO, Nimród has seen how FirstMed has grown from a small family practice to a name of excellence in healthcare. His connection with FirstMed represents joint values and vision for a healthier society. Meanwhile, this aligns with his aim for lasting value creation and commitment to investing in ventures that make a difference.

Global Aspirations and a Mission to Care

As FirstMed embarks on its international expansion, starting from Rome and extending to Milan, Vienna, Paris, and beyond, this echoes Nimród’s journey of success and discovery. The clinic’s story of transformation underscores a mission to provide quality healthcare accessible to an international community.

Embracing a Healthier, Joyful Path: Nimród Kovács’ Wisdom

Drawing from a lifetime of experiences, Nimród encourages everyone to journey towards well-being that marries physical health with happiness, gratitude, and quality living.

  • Adopt a Mediterranean Diet with Good Wines. A long, happy life is as much about what you eat and drink as it’s about enjoyment and moderation. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins—complemented by good wines—can nourish the body and soul.
  • Less Stress, More Laughter. Laughter is not just the best medicine; it’s the elixir of life. Focus on what you can control, and let go of the rest.
  • Cultivate Gratitude. Gratitude is the key to a joyful life. Remember to appreciate even the smallest things and never lose sight of your blessings.
  • Invest in Relationships. Building trust and cherishing your allies enriches your life, just like in business.
  • Care for Yourself and Others. Never underestimate the power of self-care, family, friends, and a supporting community.

Let’s follow the path and wisdom of Nimród Kovács. Live a life filled with well-being, health, and an unwavering commitment to care—for ourselves and others.

Your health is our mission.

At FirstMed, we’re more than a clinic; we’re a community united by a passion for wellness and a dedication to providing care that transcends borders. Together, let’s make every moment count.

Cheers to you, us, and a future where we continue to grow together.


Edited by: Dorottya Fekete

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