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Premium Plan – Adult

FirstMed’s annual Premium Plan includes the following on-site medical services for planholders during the year:

  • Up to 20 primary care consultations and follow-up visits with family practitioners, GPs, internists, and gynecologists in person at our clinic or via Telemedicine
  • Up to 8 consultations or follow-up with an available FirstMed specialist, if medically indicated.
  • In-house laboratory tests and diagnostics (x-ray, ultrasound (5 times /year), mammography), when medically indicated.
  • Prescription refill: 10 times / year. [Additional refills +HUF 5,000]
  • Additional visits can be obtained at discounted prices available for Value Card holders.

Specialist visits (current FirstMed specialists only)

  • Cardiologist (consultation-only)
  • Gastroenterology (consultation-only)
  • Dermatologist
  • Neurologist (consultation-only)
  • Ophthalmologist (outside of vision exam)
  • Orthopedist/Traumatologist
  • Otolaryngologist (ENT)
  • Pulmonologist
  • Radiologist
  • Urologist
  • and more…

Furthermore, once a year:

Additional services included in the Plan:

  • One session from the following outpatient surgeries: mole and wart removal, sclerotherapy, lipoma, abscess, furunculous, folliculitis, hemorrhoid–thrombectomy, anoscopy (simple procedures)
  • Preventive exams once in the plan’s year:
  • Medical examinations for specific permits and licenses, such as work and residence permits or driving licenses.
  • Travel consultation
  • COVID tests: 2 Antigen tests; further tests are with 35%

Exclusions and Additional Charges

The Premium Plan does not cover any medical services not specifically mentioned above, such as:

  • After-hours visits require an additional charge of HUF 25,000 per visit;
  • Hospital care  / Outside consultations / Ambulance transportation / Home visits;
  • Specialized diagnostics such as: ENG/EMG/EEG/CT scan/MRI;
  • ECHO/Stress test;
  • Orthopedic procedures;
  • Endoscopic procedures;
  • Dental treatments;
  • Prenatal care (available with Prenatal Plan) / Infertility / Assisted fertilization treatments
  • Medications, vaccinations, disposable medical supplies (i.e. bandages, casts and splint application etc.)
  • Rental of medical supplies (i.e. crutches, CPAP, nebulizer)
  • Laser treatments and bone density screening
  • Immunotherapy
  • Diagnosis and treatment of conditions arising from drug abuse, alcoholism, or sexually transmitted diseases
  • Sleep study
  • Routine medical maintenance or treatment of chronic conditions. Frequent injections or diagnostics may be accepted on a case-by-case basis but otherwise are excluded.
  • Mammography with implants. FirstMed’s mammogram equipment cannot take proper images of breasts with implants. We can direct you to a facility that can make the necessary scan. You will need to settle payment for this service at the diagnostic center.
  • Lab tests performed at external laboratories, and are not specifically covered by the plan, should be paid by the planholder. For details, please inquire at our reception. 

Additional Information

  • The consultations and services provided by FirstMed, which are not included in the Premium Plan, can be obtained at discounted prices provided by the Value Card. Please inquire about the prices before booking an appointment.
  • A visit included in the Plan will be recorded when you request the doctor’s time, and it is placed into the schedule. Be aware that asking for the doctor’s time for a ‘quick’ update, in person or on the phone, will result in a visit.
  • One visit is up to 30 minutes for a general consultation with a general practitioner or specialist. Examinations requiring longer than this period would be counted as two visits.
  • Missing an appointment (no-shows) or canceling within 24 hours before your visit will count against the total included in the Plan. The regular occurrence of these cases may result in the termination of the Plan.
  • Not all the laboratory tests are included in the plan; please ask our receptionists for assistance.
  • FirstMed is not responsible for arranging outside appointments when the planholder is paying at the point of service. FirstMed can provide contact information for outside consultants or facilities when requested.

Price of the Premium Plan

Prices HUF/person/year
Full Price 280,000
Loyalty Price (3rd and 4th renewal) 265,000
Loyalty Price (5th to 9th renewals) 250,000
Loyalty Price (10th or more renewals) 235,000
Group Price 2-4 people 250,000
Group Price 5-9 people 230,000

By purchasing this plan, you acknowledge and agree to the specific coverage and limitations defined within the terms and understand what is included and excluded.

Discounted Price Conditions

  • Group and loyalty discounts may not be combined. Premium Child Plans do not count towards the group total for group pricing.
  • Group pricing is only available for group plans with the same ‘Starting’ / ‘Expiration’ dates.
  • When a plan grows from one person to two (or more) retrospective discounts will not be applied, i.e. the first member’s premium will not be refunded to indicate the group price. The group price will only be applied to additional members as they are added in and for as long as the ‘group’ exists.
  • The loyalty price first comes into effect on the 4th year of continuously having a plan. All loyalty prices are calculated with one (1) starting year + (x) additional renewals. For example, the top loyalty price is given at the start of the 11th year and beyond of having a plan.
  • The Premium Plan is valid for one year, starting from the date of purchase.
  • Renew your plan within 30 days of the previous plan’s expiration to maintain the loyalty discount. Plans renewed beyond 30 days, without the prior agreement of the FirstMed plan coordinator, will be considered as ‘new’ plans for the sake of the loyalty discount.

Valid from January 1, 2024.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team at