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The PrenaTest® prenatal screening test is performed during your first trimester of pregnancy. It lets you know whether you are at risk of carrying a fetus that may be affected by one of the most common birth anomalies: Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) and Trisomy 18.

PrenaTest Prenatal Screening

As opposed to earlier ways of testing genetic disorders, PrenaTest is

  • non-invasive
  • delivers results from one simple blood draw
  • faster
  • less painful
  • does not carry the risk of miscarriage or harming the fetus

The test is designed for all pregnant women, regardless of their age. It offers results as early as in the first trimester, but may also be adapted for testing during the second trimester.

Why choose a PrenaTest?

Although the PrenaTest results do not provide a final diagnosis, it remains a very useful screening test for the following reasons:

  • It is the best choice for prenatal screening for Down syndrome in the 1st trimester
  • It does not pose any danger to the mother or to the fetus
  • It provides prenatal screening options to mothers under the age of 35 (amniocentesis is reserved for women over the age of 35)
  • It provides useful information to women 35 years of age and older before deciding to undergo a diagnostic procedure


  • PrenaTest Optimum: HUF 205,000
  • PrenaTest Plus: HUF 235,000